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Fischer Special Manufacturing Company
Cold Spring, Kentucky
Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2008


Since 1905, Fischer has been supplying precision-crafted parts to nearly every industry. Their long-time customers include top companies and leading brand names — from musical to automotive to medical to appliances — all of which demand the high degree of quality and dependability only Fischer can provide.

Thanks to unsurpassed craftsmanship and a relentless dedication to detail, Fischer has proven its ability to precision manufacture each of its screw machine parts, nuts and inserts within remarkably close tolerances. Which means you’ll always have the benefit of hassle-free automatic or hand assembly…no matter what finish, configuration, or application you specify.


  • Davenport
  • Index
  • ACME
  • ANSI H-28 or JIS thread standards
  • Nickle, Zinc, Chrome, Cadmium, Silver & Electro-Tin
  • Horizontal CNC Turning
  • Vertical CNC Turning
  • Electronic Size Certification
  • Precision Screw Machine Parts
  • Materials: Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and Aluminum


  • Multiple spindle automatic screw machines
  • Single spindle automatic screw machines
  • CNC horizontal turning machines
  • Complete secondary department including CNC’s and light assembly
  • Bulk parts cleaning
  • In house tool making CAD (Solid Edge)
  • Electronic Inspection with laser and vision


  • 1/8" Round - 1 1/4" Round
  • 1/8" Hex - 1 1/16" Hex
  • 1/8" Square - 7/8" Square
  • Special shapes and metric sizes upon request

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CPMR Candidate Certified Sales Professional

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